Progress Report: Isabel's Kittens, 9/7/2014

Posted on September 8, 2014 at 12:05 AM

I took some cute pictures but had a wee bit of difficulty getting them uploaded, so I'll have to post them tomorrow.

I was a little worried about Dot this morning b/c she was sleeping while the other kittens were playing and nursing. When I checked on her later, though, she was wrestling with the others, and she nursed, too. Turned out she gained a good bit of weight since yesterday, so I'm not worried about her now!

The kittens keep on growing. Cass has broken the one-pound barrier, the only one so far. Blaze is growing faster than the others, since she's the first to start eating from a dish. However, Cass figured it out today, so I expect he will keep the lead. The others don't get it yet. Everyone is still nursing.

I try to give Isabel plenty of attention and cuddling, too. She certainly seems to enjoy it--I even hold her belly-up, like a baby, and she eats it up. I was watching the kittens nurse, and I petted Isabel, and she kneaded against my hand! That was a special moment. 

Four of the kittens are sleeping in the kitty bed (I moved two of them there from the floor), and the fifth one is curled up a distance away on a pile of old shirts.

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