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Kitten update, 9/22/2014

Posted on September 22, 2014 at 11:35 PM

Tried to make a posting yesterday and lost it to a malfunction. Aaargh!

Here's an adorable picture:

Got the latest weight chart here—they just keep on growing! I’ve cut back to weighing them just every other day now. Tris, Blaze, and Streak are so close in size their name labels are overlapping. Dot's the smallest now, but she's growing steadily.


Cass is still the biggest—less than an ounce shy of 2 lbs!--but Streak is starting to catch up to his sibs now that he’s started eating. I was thinking they were fully weaned, but I saw Isabel allowing a couple of the kittens to nurse for a short time today. I stopped adding milk to their food and started moistening it with water only. They all seem to prefer the moistened food, even Isabel! Izzy had been having some loose stools, so I figured I’d better quit with the milk. I hope she's okay.


Tris and Streak typically greet me at the top of the stairs, along with their mama Isabel. Sometimes I don’t see all five of the kittens when I go upstairs, but just when I start getting worried, the missing one(s) will show up. Izzy has really been a love glutton. I gave her lots of pets tonight, and she just ate it up. It's so sweet the way she puts up with the kittens playing with her tail. She plays with them sometimes too, 

Cass is the lazy one. Seems like he's always the last to wake up and join in the playing. Blaze is turning out to be the loner. Dot and Streak were really wrestling tonight; actually I thought it looked awfully rough! Isabel didn't seem to think there was a need to intervene, tho.

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