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VK & kittens update

Posted on April 5, 2015 at 11:40 PM

The kittens are 13 days old today!

I got a great pic of Dorian (the runt!) on Thursday. He's still small but seems to be doing well. After 4 days of supplemental feeding with lackluster results after the first day's substantial weight gain, I stopped giving him extra milk. He's been gaining at a higher rate since then.


All the kittens have their eyes open now, although Luciano still has one stuck shut, after it had opened. Guess kittens can react to pollen too? Thor had the same issue but both his eyes are open now.

Mama Vicki is doing well. I took her a few toys but she didn't seem interested in playing with them just now. I'm sure that once the kittens start getting old enough to be playful, Vicki will join right in! Another two weeks and they'll be running around,  bouncing off the walls. . .

Finally got around to preparing the kitten weight trend! Thor continues to maintain the lead--he's a beast! Dorian got off to a slow start but is making good progress.

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