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Frequently Asked Questions about PET SITTING

Do I bring my pets to you?

That service is known as boarding. Boarding is not a service provided by JET's Pets. We offer pet sitting: pet care in your home. This allows your pets to remain in a familiar environment while you are away. If you have multiple pets, pet sitting can be economical by comparison. There is no additional charge for pet sitting more than one animal.

My pet is a ___________ . Do you take care of these?

We are most knowledgeable about and experienced with cats, dogs, gerbils, and rats. We have some experience with birds, fish, mice, and hamsters. If you have some other animal and you're willing to trust us, we will carefully follow your instructions in caring for your pet!

I'm not sure I want an unfamiliar person in my home when I'm away. Why should I trust you?

That is a very valid concern. Although JET's Pets was just founded in May 2014, we have lived and worked in the Uvalde area since 2006, so we can provide character references. Given the size of this community, we'll almost certainly have an acquaintance or two in common! In addition, JET's Pets is insured and bonded by Pet Sitters Associates, LLC (member number 64089). 

Why should I pay your rates, when I can have a neighbor drop in or pay a teenager a lot less to take care of my pets?

If you have a friend or neighbor that you trust, and you're happy with the service you get, that's great! However, professional pet sitters like us do this for a living. We're not going to forget to take care of your pets or decide something else is more important. We're in this business because we love animals and we're committed to providing outstanding service. We also make sure to be available on holidays, times when your trusted friends or neighbors may also be vacationing!

I have another question. . .

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