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Swimming Pool and Spa Services

Algae problems? Cloudy water? I can help! I can handle pools and/or spas and have experience with both chlorine and bromine systems.

Many people find pool water testing and balancing to be a confusing process. It wasn't something I was planning to take on until I bought a house with a pool. As it happened, I found it interesting and fun to test and maintain my pool water. 

If you would like to keep your pool sparkling with a minimum of attention. . . contact me! I offer service plans at various price levels.

I am now a Certified Pool & Spa Technician!

I have attained a certification from the Aquatic Training Institute which qualifies me to work on commercial as well as residential pools. This certification is listed on the website of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDP) as an acceptable training program for pool operators. My CPT Registration Number is OL 614 8304133.

Want to do it yourself?

I got my start learning about pools on the Trouble Free Pool forum. Sign up and take a look around--the information is excellent and the members are very helpful!

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